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Regulatory Date:
August 30, 2018


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717 Custom Factory Pack Paint - John Deere Yellow

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This product is discontinued.

ADVANTAGE 700 Series 2.8 VOC Acrylic Urethane Colors are D.T.M. – Direct to Metal, high solids, high gloss, low VOC coatings intended for use as a protective maintenance coating for automotive and industrial applications, surfaces exposed to humidity, chemicals and corrosive elements.


700-01 Gloss Black Gallon
700-04 Gloss Black Quart
701-01 Hot Rod Black Gallon
701-04 Hot Rod Black Quart
702-01 Brilliant Black Pearl Gallon
703-01 Gloss White Gallon
704-01 Fleet White Gallon
705-01 Pure White Gallon
707-01 Oxford White Gallon
708-01 Charcoal Mist Metallic Gallon
709-01 Galaxy Silver Gallon
710-01 Viper Red Gallon
711-01 Swift Red Gallon
712-01 Candy Apple Red Gallon
713-01 International Harvester Red Gallon
714-01 Allis Chalmers Orange Gallon
715-01 New Cat Yellow Gallon
716-01 School Bus Yellow Gallon
717-01 John Deere Yellow Gallon
718-01 John Deere Green Gallon
719-01 Ford Blue Gallon


729 2.8 VOC High Performance Urethane Paint Catalyst


730 Premium Low VOC Reducer

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What is National Rule

National Rule:

Certain automotive refinishing coatings products give off Volitile Organic Compounds known as VOCs, which are produced at a measurable rate. These automotive refinishing products are regulated on a National scale by the EPA to control air quality and the regulation term has been coined "National Rule".

More information from the EPA about National Rule can be found here.

What is Low VOC

Low VOC:

Some States have decided to adopt "VOC standards more stringent than the National Rule to assist in achieving attainment with the NAAQS for ozone" to retian tighter air quality control standards than what the National Rule regulations provide. These tighter air quality controls are termed "Low VOC".

More information from the EPA about Low VOC can be found here.

Know the Law

Please comply with your National, State and Local laws when mixing, using or selling Advantage National Rule or Low VOC products.

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– Advantage Refinish Products